Antoine Serrurier Antoine Serrurier
Institute of Medical Informatics
Uniklinik RWTH University Aachen
Pauwelsstrasse 30
52057 Aachen

tel: 00 49 (0)241 80 80 352
fax: 00 49 (0)241 80 33 88793


I am currently Postdoctoral Fellow at the Institute of Medical Informatics (Uniklinik RWTH University Aachen, Germany), working on the development of a virtual reality simulator and assistant for regional anaesthesia. This work is part of the RASimAs project (Regional Anaesthesia Simulator and Assistant). You can find more details on the research page.

I have been previously Postdoctoral Fellow at the Signal and Image Department of Telecom ParisTech (Paris, France) working on the 3D anatomical growth modelling of the fetus for dosimetry studies of the fetus, at the Laboratory of Biomechanics of Arts et Métiers ParisTech (Paris, France) working on the 3D reconstruction and modelling of the human skeleton from biplanar radiographies and at the Institut of Sound and Vibration Research of the University of Southampton (UK) working on the articulatory modelling of vocal tract for speech evolution.

I received my PhD and have been Assistant Lecturer at the Speech and Cognition department of GIPSA laboratory (Grenoble Institute of Technology, France), working in acoustic and 3D articulatory modelling of the vocal tract.

You can visit my curriculum and research webpages for more details.


20th December 2013

New PhD position to start as soon as possible opened at the Institute of Medical Informatics about patient-specific anatomical modelling. Further details here.

November 2013

New afffectation since the beginning of the month at the Institute of Medical Informatics of Uniklinik RWTH University Aachen in Germany.
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